TF-104. Harudu Cloudshot

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1 x TD-163. Twilight Emissary
1 x DST-161. Wirefly Hive
1 x M10-151. Prodigal Pyromancer
1 x SW-066. Vengeance of the Light
1 x BNG-100. Kragma Butcher
1 x DM-07#46. Brood Shell
1 x ODY-080. Deluge -exc-
1 x HoA-053. Fireball
1 x M10-153. Raging Goblin
1 x HOU-065. Hour of Glory
1 x ORIT-004. 5/5 Black Demon Token
1 x WA-029. Blessing of Vigilance
1 x ZENT-003. 1/1 White Kor Soldier Token
1 x FUT-143. Centaur Omenreader (TS)
1 x DTKT-002. 2/2 Blue Djinn Monk Token
1 x GTC-244. Orzhov Guildgate
1 x BNG-158. Gorgon's Head
1 x SW-166. Claemora Amberglare
1 x ORI-045. Artificer's Epiphany
1 x BoG-204. Ring of Trials
1 x SW-219. The Darkspeaker's Footpads
1 x M14-110. Quag Sickness
1 x M12-029. Peregrine Griffin
1 x M11-205. Dragon's Claw
1 x M15-042. Warden of the Beyond
1 x ROE-229. Plains (Avon)
1 x HOU-161. God-Pharaoh's Gift
1 x SOK-073. Kagemaro, First to Suffer
1 x ZEN-021. Kor Outfitter
1 x SW-108. Provoke
1 x DKA-108. Briarpack Alpha -FOIL-
1 x ISD-120. Typhoid Rats
1 x FRF-088. Tasigur's Cruelty
1 x AKHT-018. 2/2 Blue Drake Token
1 x TF-089. Naasi
1 x GRN-141. Pelt Collector
1 x FoO-002. Fillet, Kneecapper Extraordinaire
1 x HOUT-007. Sinuous Striker Token
1 x SOM-066. Hand of the Praetors
1 x FoO-141. Sal Grimstalker
1 x WTH-100. Fire Whip -exc-
1 x M14-077. Traumatize
1 x 5DN-117. Energy Chamber
1 x SoK-078. Kuon, Ogre Ascendant
1 x FRF-052. Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest
1 x M12-101. Mind Rot
1 x DGM-007. Scion of Vitu-Ghazi
1 x INV-109. Hypnotic Cloud -exc-
1 x HOU-016. Mummy Paramount
1 x TDP-007. Telrander
1 x HoA-207. Mezzik Darkspark
1 x TT-238. Bottled Void
1 x THS-027. Ray of Dissolution
1 x SW-129. Danyssa Stillheart
1 x M12-202. Angel's Feather
1 x MoL-121. Salt the Wounds
1 x TDP-300. Felendren the Banished
1 x DKA-071. Ravenous Demon // Archdemon of Greed
1 x 9ED-149. Nekrataal
1 x WG-091. Requite
1 x ONY-004. Natural Alignment -FOIL-
1 x TDP-015. Mojo Mender Ja'nah
1 x INV-031. Reviving Dose -exc-
1 x DCR-034. Brothers in Arms -FOIL-
1 x TDP-235. Tanwa the Marksman
1 x M15-031. Selfless Cathar
1 x TT-245. Cerith Spire Staff
1 x M12-051. Djinn of Wishes
1 x ODY-074. Cephalid Scout -exc-
1 x GRN-146. Urban Utopia
1 x HoA-357. The Princess Trapped
1 x FoO-074. Chain Heal
1 x DKA-077. Undying Evil
1 x SOK-070. Gnat Miser -FOIL-
1 x DoW-246. Corruption of Earth and Seed
1 x 10E-153. Looming Shade
1 x M10T-004. 1/1 Red Goblin Token
1 x SW-152. Plasu
1 x DIS-178. Rakdos Carnarium
1 x KLD-254. Island (Han)
1 x HoA-192. Kor Cindervein
1 x FH-124. Dannon Spellsurge
1 x KLD-029. Skywhaler's Shot
1 x 9ED-144. Megrim
1 x MCR-008. Nemesis Leggings -FOIL-
1 x 10E-131. Consume Spirit
1 x 8ED-321. Wooden Sphere
1 x M15T-001. 1/1 Colorless Sliver Token
1 x ORI-265. Mountain (Bradley) -FOIL-
1 x TD-002. Bladesinger Alyssa
1 x ROE-080. Phantasmal Abomination
1 x ISD-064. Ludevic's Test Subject // Ludevic's Abomination
1 x 10ET-001. 1/1 White Soldier Token
1 x ORI-113. Rabid Bloodsucker -FOIL-
1 x WG-009. Sarina the Immaculate
1 x ROE-063. Drake Umbra
1 x ONY-029. Deathbringer -FOIL-
1 x CON-107. Fusion Elemental
1 x M10-023. Palace Guard
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