WG-052. Holy Fury

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1 x CH-133. Grag'tok
1 x LRW-058. Drowner of Secrets
1 x KLD-174. Wildest Dreams
1 x ISD-031. Silverchase Fox
1 x ORI-196. Rhox Maulers
1 x FRF-159. Goblin Boom Keg
1 x M10T-003. 2/2 Black Zombie Token
1 x ZEN-018. Kor Cartographer
1 x WTH-129. Gaea's Blessing -exc-
1 x M14-100. Grim Return
1 x 5DN-161. Synod Centurion -FOIL-
1 x GRN-144. Siege Wurm
1 x ROE-029. Knight of Cliffhaven
1 x M10-017. Indestructibility
1 x SW-028. Obliterate
1 x SC-013. Exiled Doomsayer -exc-
1 x TT-209. Naz'jar Sorceress
1 x ORI-063. Maritime Guard
1 x GPT-014. Shadow Lance
1 x WWKT-003. 3/3 Red Ogre Token
1 x HoA-205. Medoc Spiritwarden
1 x FoO-106. Gone Fishin'
1 x HoA-008. Warrax
2 x HoA-244. Jin'lak Nightfang
1 x HoA-010. Grennan Stormspeaker (Oversized)
1 x TDP-110. Mortal Delights
1 x HoA-141. Execute
1 x GRN-143. Prey Upon
1 x LRW-201. Cloudcrown Oak
1 x HoA-163. Lie in Wait
1 x DoW-102. Nature Unleashed
1 x AER-052. Alley Strangler
1 x TSP-025. Jedit's Dragoons
1 x HoA-135. Battle Shout
1 x HoA-067. Hammer of Justice
1 x HoA-014. Sen'zir Beastwalker
1 x HoA-175. Anika Berlyn
1 x LE-030. Aven Envoy -exc-
1 x SW-245. Touch of Unlife
1 x 8ED-166. Spineless Thug
1 x SW-202. Azjol-anak Acidspewer
1 x TSP-010. Cloudchaser Kestrel
1 x AER-043. Salvage Scuttler
1 x M15-170. Carnivorous Moss-Beast -FOIL-
1 x 8ED-224. Sizzle
1 x DCR-063. Rose Psychic, ghost detective -FOIL-
1 x MCR-006. Legplates of Ten Storms -FOIL-
1 x TD-090. Incinerate
1 x ALA-153. Agony Warp
1 x INV-245. Dueling Grounds -exc-
1 x MoL-267. Shadowstalker's Sash
1 x TF-117. Wrex
1 x M15-068. Mercurial Pretender
1 x HoA-149. Sunder Armor
1 x AKHT-022. 3/3 Green Hippo Token
1 x M15-085. Accursed Spirit -FOIL-
1 x 8ED-321. Wooden Sphere
1 x DST-049. Nim Abomination
1 x RAV-175. Overwhelm
1 x ALA-026. Sighted-Caste Sorcerer
1 x M14-092. Dark Favor
1 x ISD-055. Forbidden Alchemy
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